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Kathleen E. Dworak

"Jurassic Tree"
Jurassic Tree
© 2008 Kathleen E. Dworak


How lucky I was to be able to accompany my husband on a business trip....to Kauai! On a day off, we went to tour a tropical garden near Poipu on the southern side of the island. Some of the scenes of the movie "Jurassic Park" were filmed in the botanical gardens, and they showed us those places on the tour. When they got to these trees, they let us just photograph to our hearts content before they even talked about the trees and the filming there. This tree was the actual tree used in the movie where the dinosaur eggs were found, and also where the car lands upside down. The tour guide told us these 3 trees are actually fig trees! They are an invasive species, so they will only allow these 3 to exist on the island. And they are only 50 plus years old! Amazing! They are so big, that I could stand in amongst the roots and they came up to my hips....and I'm tall! I couldn't wait to paint this tree when I got home. 


Painting Details:

Image Size 27" W x 19" H
Frame Size 36" W x 28" H
Frame Type Wood
Frame Color Walnut
Matting Double White Mat
Price - Original $550.00 + $25.00 shipping/handling
Prints Available 11x14